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Freedom Hikes 2022

Freedom Hikes is a fundraising vehicle being offered to conservative candidates dedicated to “Making America Great Again”.  

Operating like a typical 5K fundraising program, Freedom Hikes (FH) offers candidates the opportunity to invite supporters (hikers) to participate in a 5-mile guided hike in the beautiful Ha Ha Tonka State Park.  FH recommends hikers sign up monetary sponsors to commit to a dollar amount per mile or to a single donation.  FH can provide a sponsor form for participating hikers.

FH also recommends the candidate’s team reserve one of the park’s shelters.  Those who do not hike can contribute by supplying food, drink, and other picnic options to hikers at the end of the trail.  This is also an opportunity to promote the event as a “meet and greet” for those not hiking.

FH can also customize the hike to allow for some hikers to hike only half the distance (approx. 2 miles depending on the shelter location).  Featured trails in the 5 miles will be Natural Bridge, Devils Kitchen, Boulder Ridge, Spring Trail, and the Island. 

To generate additional monetary support, FH can facilitate a 50/50 scavenger hunt for hikers.  FH will provide a list of things to photograph while hiking such as butterflies, mushrooms, lizards, etc.  Specific strategies to ensure a winner in case of a tie will be implemented.  (Note: no need to provide typical 50/50 tickets for this format. Their list will be their “ticket”)

FH recommends the candidate’s team set up a “shared album” for all pictures and a judges panel to decide the winner(s).   Awards can be given for the most of one category, the most unique in a category, and/or completing the entire list.

The HIKE should start early in the morning, as early as 8, and no later than 9.  Depending on the fitness of hikers and the “picture taking”, the 5 miles could take at least 3-4 hours.  As their guide, I (FH) will meet with them in the morning.  The candidate’s team should be at the shelter no later than 2 hours after the start time.  FH recommends having bottled water ready for those ending their hike as well as those who will continue to the end.

The HIKE is 90% natural trails with very few paved sections.  There are quite a few hills with minimal “rocky” navigating required.  FH recommends at least a moderate fitness level and hikers utilize walking sticks.

All hikers must preregister for the hike by emailing the fundraiser or FH directly at no later than the day before the event. All hikers will be required to sign a release form before starting the hike.

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