To live vigorously and luxuriantly, to flourish


“I’m so glad that Pam is back in the area! We revisited two weeks ago to discuss my nutrition plan. After two weeks, my results are improving and I feel WONDERFUL! Just drinking the charged water first really made a difference and now incorporating her recipes has significantly made a change. I can’t wait until our next meeting to see how I’ve progressed!!!”


“Your talks on inflammation and immunity at Bonita Bay have spurred me to make some good changes in the food I eat and how I prepare it.  Thank You!”


“So I promised my nutritionist that I would commit to 1 month of CLEAN eating and do my very best to reinvigorate the good habits she has taught me – I am off to drink my bedtime tonic (can find on her website, and it works!) but if anyone else would like to join in please do! Pam is one of the most extraordinary women I know. Even though she isn’t here locally anymore, we still chat every month. I am still learning all kinds of things about myself and real nutrition, and its effects on your life.”

“You have truly impacted the way I look at food now and I realize that it is the best medicine.”



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You will never really know how much you changed my life with the emotion and release work.”


“Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement! I have really enjoyed meeting with you and am so pleased with the changes happening with my diet and my body!”


“It was great to work with you today!!  I enjoyed it and feel much better!”


“Emotion work was the missing element to my overall wellness. Diet, disease prevention, and exercise are all essential elements I have worked on all my life. Not until I started emotion work with Pam did I feel all the inner knots release. Now I have room in my mind heart and soul to truly listen to my body; truly listen to spiritual messages I receive. My well being is not dependent on inner turnings anymore, I understand my demons and can focus on casting out that which is hurtful and letting all that is calm.
Emotion work is the first wellness help I have had that truly turned things around.”


“Pam has become my wellness touchstone. Even though I live in Los Angeles, the land of wellness clinics on every corner, I truly feel that working with Pam is like no other experience I’ve had. She is intuitive, passionate, and understanding. The personalized treatment that I get from her has really helped improve my life.
Plus she’s pretty damn funny, too. And I think laughter is great medicine.”


“Pam is truly amazing! Her wealth of knowledge and ability to heal the body naturally with food is so interesting!”


“Made the cucumber dill dressing tonight.  Loved it.”


“I know I say thank you but I just hope you know how much better I feel each time I speak with you. It never seems like enough but THANK YOU!!!!”


“It’s been 4 weeks since we’ve started this process and I’ve lost 7 lbs. and I seem to be less hungry.  My workout trainers tell me I seem stronger and more capable.  I am encouraged to continue and do more health habit integrating.”


“Its four weeks since my last appointment.  I’ve lost 10 pounds!  No more muffin top.  I weigh less than I have in at least 2 years.

I think I’ve eaten more avocados in the last 4 weeks than in the 52 years that came before.  However, a couple of pieces of birthday cake and a handful of tortilla chips were unavoidable.

I can’t thank you enough!”


“I had a terrible cough that lasted for months. My doctor told me it would be gone in 2 weeks (with antibiotics). He was wrong. Pam checked my nutrition and suggested the vitamins I needed. After a few days it was much better and it was gone in less than 2 weeks.”


“Since starting the nutritional supplements I have been able to stop taking several of my prescription medications (i.e. for stomach and blood pressure). I have more energy and sleep better. I have not had any illness (i.e. colds or flu) this year.”


“Since taking nutrition, my skin is healthier looking, I have more energy, and I am better able to concentrate and stay focused. I’m no longer troubled by bloating and gas pains.”


“I made your blueberry lemon jam for a snack, it was delicious.  I have a ton of almond pulp in the freezer, I will be trying some of your cracker/bread recipes for the dehydrator.”


“We had a working lunch that was catered. It tasted great, but afterwards my stomach felt a little queasy. Under my nutrition program I take an enzyme and vanachrom at each meal for digestion, which I did after the meal. I did not get sick, but all afternoon my stomach just didn’t feel right. I remember Pam saying if you eat something you shouldn’t, take an extra Total Veggie, which I did. I felt relief shortly before leaving work. When I was leaving, I met a girl on the elevator that had been at the luncheon. She said several girls had been sick all afternoon suffering from diarrhea and nausea. I truly felt I had a much lighter case because of my nutrition.”


“Pam has been such a blessing for our family! Her knowledge is endless and her caring heart to help others is something we should all be thankful for! I recommend her to everyone-her advice on nutrition, emotions, and chiropractic work is life changing!”


“I made your asparagus & radish salad and it is fantastic!!!” Heavy black heart


“For 11 years I had witnessed my husband struggling with bowel issues that would become worse when he was stressed, on vacation, or over the holidays.  It became so bad that he didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything out of the norm.  It finally came to a head a few years ago when he literally felt like he was going to be sick everyday when he went to work.  I am so grateful that he called and scheduled an appointment with Pam.  She has made a HUGE difference in him!!!  He can function again and is in so much less discomfort & pain!  It has been a transformation that I didn’t think would be possible.”


“I just wanted to let you know that the night-time tonic works wonders! Before I started drinking it, I used to take melatonin just so I could fall asleep every night. Since I’ve been drinking the tonic, I haven’t had to use melatonin at all. The taste of the drink is a little different, but it has helped me to fall asleep and stay asleep! So I’ll definitely keep drinking it. I really appreciate all your help.”



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