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Welcome to Thriving with Nutrition

Did you know that scientists, geneticists, and even spiritualists all agree that the human was created to enjoy a life span of 150 healthy years? What changes in your lifestyle will bring you the level of health and vitality you seek?

Many times we start on this journey in desperation. We may be experiencing symptoms that seem to be getting worse with time yet they are not enough to warrant medical intervention. Or medical intervention has not been able to help our condition and in some cases has made it worse.

In any case, the journey you are now on will make a significant difference in your quality of life, your energy and your vitality. We were not created to merely survive but to THRIVE!

My name is Pam Faulkner and I have been formally studying nutrition since 2002. I remember the year well because it was a turning point in my own health. Despite being in a profession that typically leads a healthier lifestyle, my health was in noticeable decline. I was in survival mode! Meaning my body was doing everything it could to keep me alive but it was running out of resources and it was starting to balk! I share this with you only to reassure you that I have been where most of you are right now and have come through to a joy filled thriving lifestyle!

Learning to eat healthy can be a daunting task especially with the enormous amount of conflicting information available to us on the World Wide Web. My basic nutritional philosophy is:

  • Find the true cause or interference, alleviate it and trust the body to “heal itself”

  • Food is anything that nourishes

  • A body that is well fed will thrive

You can be rest assured that we will make this journey as “bump free” as possible. Our main priority for you is to have a happier, healthier and younger YOU this time next year.

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