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Rookie Uprising


There seems to be an uprising in the ranks of my rookies.  “BUT, I still don’t know what to eat!” has almost become the rookie MANTRA.  I want you all to know that I understand the frustration in feeling like you are only getting PART OF THE PICTURE.  We are after all, a generation of “I want it all and I want it now”.   The medical model that we currently follow tends to promise this with pills and surgery.  However, the body does not work well with things like:

  • All or Nothing
  • More is Better
  • Quick Fix
  • Remove it – problem solved

A body that is already functioning at a diseased level can be overwhelmed easily.  Digestive functions that are compromised may have difficulty assimilating even the healthiest of foods.  A supplement aimed only at a symptom can be less harmful than a drug for the same purpose, but it still may not address deficiencies that are the CAUSE of the symptom.  And of course, just because you remove a diseased organ does not mean you have addressed the reason the organ failed to begin with.  Those causative deficiencies or excesses are still there.

We go SLOW for a reason.  I want not only your body to begin to adjust but I also want YOU to begin to fully (not as a temporary diet fix) integrate lifestyle changes.  It takes your body approximately 2 years to completely rebuild.  Every time a cell divides, it can reproduce itself the same, less healthy or healthier.  Dr. Alexis Carrel, a French physician and Nobel Prize winner, demonstrated that cells can be kept alive indefinitely.  His research proved “there’s no reason cells need to degenerate, EVER.”  As your cells function, so does your body.  We are NOURISHING YOUR CELLS over and over again until they can reproduce in a healthier manner.  NO DRUG can do this and in fact will accelerate cellular degeneration.

We are genetically created to live 150 health years.

Most Americans are OVER fed and UNDER nourished.  My basic plan for you is to start supplying your body with USABLE NUTRIENTS that assist in digestion, relieve inflammation and calm the adrenals (the stress organ).  I do this while also recommending you begin to eliminate some of the most harmful health and eating habits such as fake sugar and microwaving (read your welcome email again).

You are excited to do the charged water, do a few smoothies a week, take your new supplements and even do a tonic with apple cider vinegar.  However, dips, dressings, snacks and sorbets are not a MEAL OR FOOD you can feed to your family at dinner!  Take a deep breath and realize that when you do a smoothie every morning you start your day with AMAZING usable nutrients.  Using one of the recommended dressings on your lunch salad provides both meatless protein and the nutrients needed to properly utilize protein.  Taking a dip with veggies or fruit to work or enjoying them before dinner while you cook, supplies your body with digestive nutrients as well as feeding areas of the brain that may cause you to crave.  RAW snacking will also help fill you up making it easier to eat less.  NOW you can sit back and ENJOY your COOKED meal knowing you have nourished your body completely to this point.  Lastly, before bed, you drink the ACV tonic to reduce the stress from your meal and supply your overnight maintenance system with the nutrients it needs to reset the system.

Yes, there are many other healthy protocols to explore during the time you are with me.  However, my experience has taught me that if you see the whole path in the beginning you will see only obstacles.  You lose sight of your reason for change and only focus on the AMOUNT of change it may take to become healthier.

This is why I no longer take clients for less than a 6 month commitment.  It takes that long just to INTRODUCE the many healthy protocols.  It usually takes another year to really integrate most of the protocols into your daily routines.  In two years you will have replaced every cell in your body.  Will you have slowed the aging process or possibly even become younger?  Or will you continue to replace your body with ever degenerating cells?

Stay the course my friends.  Allow yourself and your body to acclimate.  Dare to see a NEW VISION of your health.


Pam C.N.C.

Thrive Coach

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