To live vigorously and luxuriantly, to flourish


To live vigorously and luxuriantly, to flourish

Our body assembles approximately 80,000 different enzymes as the “work horses” of the body.  Of those 80,000, fewer than 50 are digestive enzymes.  We were designed to consume most of our digestive enzymes and co-factors (building blocks for enzymes) in the food we eat.  Unfortunately, enzymes and their co-factors (mostly B vitamins and minerals) are processed out of the standard American diet.  Heat above 118 fahrenheit also destroys essential enzymes along with B vitamins and most minerals.  Digestive issues and their extenuating symptoms are the number one underlying cause of almost ALL chronic illness. When the digestive system is exhausted and over worked, it cannot process and utilize the food we eat efficiently.  The body does NOT receive the nutrients it needs to function at its highest level.  The BODY is STARVED of usable nutrients despite being typically OVERFED!  It will begin to “rob Peter to pay Paul”.  The body will prioritize SURVIVE over THRIVE.  See more.


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