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Raw Food for ROOKIES

“RAW FOOD” usually conjures up visions of sushi, salads and for the slightly more advanced, smoothies.  In this class you will learn that “raw” food is much more than carrot sticks and salad.  Only raw food can provide your body with ENZYMES and easier to assimilate vitamins and minerals.  Our pancreas only makes approximately 20 digestive enzymes.  We were meant to consume most of our enzyme in the food we eat but enzymes are completely eliminated with cooking.  The rise in pancreatitis, type 2 diabetes and pancreatic cancer are testaments to our lack of raw food in our diet.

In this class you will become inspired with the possibilities of eating delicious raw based recipes.  Even snacks and desserts will be 100% nourishing to your body.

  • Eat more calories and fat with less food and LOSE WEIGHT
  • Experience a clean and balanced system that has eliminated the “sludge”
  • Feel rejuvenated, able to do things you haven’t done in years
  • Eliminate cravings and enjoy feeling full without discomfort

This class includes a demonstration and a taste of delicious raw food recipes

Friday March 24th 1:30 pm

$35 per person 

(must register by Tues. 3/21/2017.  Minimum of 6 participants)

At Alternative Natural Healthcare Laser & Acupuncture Ctr.

26381 S. Tamiami Trail #128

Space is limited

Contact me at 618-210-0803 or

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