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Summer Trip

Hello my friends,

It has been awhile since my last update.  Since the first of July I have traveled over 5000 miles in my car!  All the traveling, visiting and varying of my routine has manifested into a great lesson – OF COURSE!

The biggest lesson I learned was prompted by WEIGHT GAIN!  No matter what I did to try and mediate the effects of the inevitable “crazy lifestyle”, I still weighed between 3-7 lbs. heavier than I normally do (the 7lbs. in this final week).

This is what I learned from these 3 weeks:

Something is better than nothing but in the end, it is NOT ENOUGH!  I had my blender. I brought fermented foods.  I drank tonic.  I took supplements.   I didn’t do it all every day.  I rarely ate more than 50-60% raw.  I ATE OUT a LOT!  This was the first time since starting my “RAW” journey 5-6 years ago, that I ate so much cooked and processed food (and non-food).

I exercised maybe 4-5 times total in 3 weeks!  This, in the past, had not been an issue for weight control.  I have never exercised for “weight loss” but for energy, strength, flexibility – longevity!  However, when eating as poorly as I did, moderate exercise everyday would have been helpful!

Sleeping in strange beds finally took its toll.  Poor sleep creates more cortisol.  More cortisol creates poor sleep!  And of course, excess cortisol thickens the middle, makes you crave sugar and messes with your “feel good” hormones, which in turn creates more cortisol!  AGH!

I started getting headaches.  I had not had a headache (that wasn’t alcohol induced) in years!  I became cranky, demotivated and even apathetic!  I was becoming SOUL SICK too!  One of the first symptoms of an acidic system is emotional upheaval; anxiety, depression and/or impatience.

Now for the BIGGEST LESSON I learned.  As I walked early this morning around my beautiful neighborhood in Florida, I realized I was no longer able to muster the energy, due to the LACK of RESOURCES, to BE ME!  

Prompted by my releasing meditation, I experienced a major REVELATION!    I love that when I’m picking something to listen and meditate to, I always pick EXACTLY what I need at that time.  This morning the mediation was on the ATTACHMENT TO GUILT!

WOW!  I immediately recalled my ride home last night.  As I was trying to emotionally relieve a pounding headache, old stories of times when I felt guilty kept flooding my mind.  I was aware enough to find this interesting and release on it but the truth of it did not hit me until my walk.  I had consumed myself (unconsciously) with the guilt of LEAVING and MOVING AWAY!  I validated this with every event and encounter I experienced these past 3 weeks.  I felt guilt as a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, mentor, wife…SERIOUSLY?

As most of you know, I am just as devoted to healthy emotions as I am to healthy diets.  Suffice to say, I woke without a headache and after my walk I’m feeling more like myself.  I’ve lost at least 2lbs in water weight (around the middle) and my face LOOKS happier!

There is no magic pill.  There is no ONE ANSWER!   However, I believe your health can truly be under your control.  You just have to be willing to do those things that you know you must do.  You have to face those old stories of the past, let them go and forever leave them in the past.

I am confident that future travels will continue to hold lessons for me.  However, I am determined to continue to “learn the lesson and MOVE ON”!   I hope my lesson encourages you to remain steadfast in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.


Pam C.N.C.

Thrive Coach

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