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Inflammation is MORE than JOINT PAIN


Inflammation is the process that provokes the destruction of intra-cellular fatty acids in an effort to balance trauma.  Excess inflammation will lead to free radical damage.  The accumulation of this damage alters the genetic code, disabling the cell’s ability to reproduce itself identically.

Excess inflammation, therefore, accelerates the aging process.   This may be why we associate muscle and joint pain with “getting old”.  However, inflammation affects much more than our joints.  Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and meningitis are inflammation of the brain.  Angina and myocardial infarction (heart attack) are inflammation of the heart.  Hepatitis is of the liver, bronchitis is of the lungs, and colitis is of the colon.  Even wrinkles are results of inflammation.

In this class you will learn the foods that are most INFLAMMATORY and the foods that will reduce and ELIMINATE chronic inflammation.

  • Gain more flexibility

  • Experience better memory and cognitive function

  • See smoother skin in the mirror

  • Enjoy proper elimination

TUESDAY MAY 16TH at 6:30 pm

$20 includes handout with recipes


Limitless Chiropractic – Dr. Alex Guebert

10513 Lincoln Trail  Fairview Heights

Space is limited

Contact me at 618-210-0803 or 

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