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Blackstrap Molasses


Blackstrap molasses is the by-product of refining sugar cane or sugar beets.  It contains all the natural nutrients that were meant to help the body metabolize sugar efficiently and still provide an abundance of additional nutrients for enzymatic co-factors.  Unlike refined sugar, which has zero nutritional value, blackstrap molasses is an excellent source of iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, iron, phosphorous, chromium, cobalt, sodium and selenium.  It is also abundant in niacin, vitamin B-6, thiamine and riboflavin. It is known to have a high antioxidant capacity and is very low in both fat content and fiber.

The health benefits of molasses include relief from menstruation-related problems, obesity, diabetes, stress, cancer, enlarged prostate, acne and other skin ailments, constipation, headaches and anemia. It helps to improve bone health, electrolyte balance, hair care, and sexual health.  It is helpful in the functioning of the nervous system, and in wound healing.  Molasses is also known to help strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin and aid in the formation of new cells in the body.

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