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Cocoa Beans

All chocolate is made from Cacao Beans (also known as Cocoa Beans). Raw and organic cacao powder is prepared by cold-pressing cacao beans to yield a decadent, antioxidant-rich powder.  Because it is not processed, raw cacao maintains ALL of its amazing nutritional benefits! Raw cacao is one of the highest sources of magnesium. It is also a natural source of trace minerals, such as manganese, zinc, copper and iron. It has one of the highest sources of chromium which helps to maintain blood sugar. It’s a super-antioxidant food, with antioxidant levels that are:

  • 20 x higher than red wine
  • 30 x higher than green tea
  • 50 x higher than blueberries
  • 5 x higher than average goji (these figures relate to the antioxidant level of the Sunfood raw cacao powder we carry)

Cacao beans are the only plant found to contain Anandamide, The Bliss Chemical. Anandamide is an endorphin that the human body naturally produces after exercise. Cacao also contains theobromine, an effective anti-bacterial substance and kills streptococci mutans (the primary organism that causes cavities). Theobromine is a chemical relative of caffeine but is not a nervous system stimulant. Theobromine dilates the cardiovascular system making the heart’s job easier. This is one of the major reasons why cacao is an important part of a heart healthy diet. Contrary to popular opinion, cacao is a poor source of caffeine. A typical sample of cacao nibs or cacao beans will yield anywhere from zero caffeine to 1,000 parts per million of caffeine (less than 1/20th of the caffeine present in coffee). In February 2008, Dr. Gabriel Cousens discovered in clinical tests on healthy people that Cacao does not elevate blood sugar in the same way as a caffeine containing food or beverage. In fact, Dr. Cousens’ found that cacao has less of an effect on blood sugar than nearly any other food.

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