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1 cup shelled pistachios

½ cup dates that have been soaked in 2 T. of water until absorbed

1 cup almond pulpfrom milk recipe

1 cup shredded or flaked coconut

½ tsp. Himalayan salt

2 T. coconut oil

In a food processor; pulse pistachios until rough crumbs.  Add in remaining ingredients and pulse again. Process until dough-like consistency forms.  Press into an 8 X 8 pan lined with parchment or a comparable springform pan. I recommend putting parchment on the bottom of the springform pan also. Put in the freezer until needed.

Cream Filling:

1 ½ cups coconut milk

2 T. coconut oil

2 cups cashews (soaked at least 6 hours, rinsed and drained)

1 small zucchini, peeled  IMG_2808 (2)

½ tsp. cinnamon

½ tsp. Himalayan salt

2 T. real maple syrup

(makes approximately 3 ½ cups of filling depending on zucchini size)

½ cup tightly packed fresh mint leaves

½ cup raw cacao powder

¼ cup real maple syrup


In a high-powered blender, cream all ingredients together except the last three listed ingredients (MINT, CACAO, and additional MAPLE SYRUP).  Pour 2 cups or a little over half the filling into a separate bowl.

In the blender, add to remaining filling the ½ cup tightly packed MINT LEAVES (approximately 3 large sprigs).  Blend until creamy again.  Pour over crust and spread evenly. Return pan to freezer to set (approximately an hour).


Return the reserved 2 cups of filling to the blender and add ½ cup raw cacao powder and ¼ cup maple syrup. Blend until creamy.  Pour evenly over mint filling and return to the freezer to set completely.

IMG_2970-1 (2)

To finish I let pan thaw for approximately an hour. I lift the entire tart from pan and cut into bars. (see RAW LEMON LIME MINT BARS)  To store, I return cut bars (parchment paper and all) to the pan, cover, and then freeze again. I can then remove and thaw bars as needed (or wanted).

Garnish with fresh raspberries and mint leaf.




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