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Chlorella, a single-celled, micro-algae, is one of the most powerful detoxification tools to eliminate accumulated toxins, including mercury, in your body. Chlorella’s small size combined with its unique properties makes it a useful detoxification tool. Its molecular structure allows it to bond to metals, chemicals and some pesticides.

When chlorella is taken into your body, its natural action will bind it to lingering heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides found in your digestive tract, which is your body’s pathway to your bloodstream where these harmful toxins are delivered and deposited into your body’s cells. Chlorella’s cleansing action on your bowel and other elimination channels, as well as its protection of your liver, helps promote clean blood. And clean blood helps assure metabolic waste gets efficiently carried away from your tissues.

Regular consumption of chlorella can even help keep heavy metals from accumulating in our bodies’ soft tissues and organs in the first place.  Chlorella’s high levels of chlorophyll have also been shown to protect the body against ultraviolet radiation treatments while removing radioactive particles from the body.

Chlorella is the highest-known source of chlorophyll, with nearly 10 times the amount of chlorophyll found in alfalfa, from which most commercial chlorophyll is extracted. This superfood is rich with phytonutrients, including amino acids, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorous, iodine, biotin, magnesium and the B-complex vitamins.

A 1-ounce (3 tbsp) serving of broken cell chlorella provides bioavailble:

  • Protein—16g
  • Vitamin A—287% RDA
  • Vitamin B2—71% RDA
  • Vitamin B3—33% RDA
  • Iron—202% RDA
  • Magnesium—22% RDA
  • Zinc—133% RDA

In addition, chlorella contains a good amount of vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and phosphorus.

When you look at its nutrient density score, it’s easy to see why chlorella is ranked one of the top 10 health foods in the world. In fact, it is way more nutrient dense per gram than other greens, including kale, spinach and broccoli!

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