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Red Velvet Juice and Brownies


Red Velvet Juice and Brownies


In a blender

1 1/2 cups filtered water

1 small or 1/2 of large organic beet peeled

1 medium organic orange without peel

1 large or 2 small organic carrots

1 large handful of beet greens, or spinach, or  organic fresh parsley

1 thumbnail piece of ginger

1 stalk of celery

Blend and strain juice.  Makes 2 servings of juice.  Keep pulp to make brownies.




In a food processor

Cream together:

2 bananas

1 cup caramel date paste


¼ cup coconut oil and process until creamy


1 cup red velvet pulp from juice

1 cup almond pulp from almond milk

½ tsp. Himalayan salt

½ tsp. cinnamon

Sprinkle of nutmeg

½ cup cacao powder

Process until smooth and dough-like.

Optional – stir in 65% organic cacao chips

If soft, refrigerate until firm enough to create balls.  Using a melon or small ice cream scoop, spoon balls on to dehydrator screens and dehydrate at 118⁰ until balls are firm and crisp on the outside and semi dry on the inside.  Store in the fridge and use dehydrator to re-warm and crisp before serving.



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